Community Research

This is some of my favourite work that I’ve done. It’s been fairly low-budget, quick and to the point research. Usually based on lots of in-depth interviews and hanging around. It gets commissioned because people need it. Useful writing. I hope.

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LGBT Communities' Experiences of Church and Faith in Northern Ireland (2011) - research report for the Irish Peace Centres.

Ten. Celebrating 10 Years of Depaul Ireland (2011) short book – an oral history of Depaul Ireland, a homelessness charity.

The History of Foyle Haven (2011) pamphlet – an oral history of a Depaul Ireland homelessness project in Derry.

This is What We Do: Celebrating 25 years of the East Belfast Mission (2010) short book – an oral history of the East Belfast Mission.

Loyalist Conflict Transformation Initiatives (2005) - research report for OFMDFM.