Media, Web & Podcast

All the time I was an academic, I felt I was taking people’s stories and making them less accessible to the world. I rebelled against this a little. My writing style became simpler. I drifted towards less theoretical and grittier community research. I wanted to hear people’s stories, but I wanted others to hear them too.

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In those heady days of being an 'expert', I did various small bits on Sunday Sequence on Radio Ulster, BBC Northern Ireland etc. 

But rubbish health and a potty mouth do not make me a good bet for live radio. So I’m mainly writing. And occasionally contributing to radio documentaries, like Generation Neither for BBC Radio 4, or Northern Ireland - Where Next? by Analysis on BBC Radio 4.

Most of the stuff I’ve written is political, and can be found on Slugger O'Toole.

I chip in a bit at Slugger now back-stage too. Subbing articles, finding new content…

I've been telling stories at Belfast's Tenx9. Here are a few from their podcast - one on being a teenage born-again Christian mime artist and one on a dog show gone wrong.

I’m a life-long radio, and more lately podcast, junkie. 90% of the media I input into my brain is audio. This is how I would like to tell stories in the future.

I’m working on some pieces, so watch this space.

Open to collaborations. Call me!*

*obviously don't call me, send me a message.