Media, Web & Podcast

All the time I was an academic, I felt I was taking people’s stories and making them less accessible to the world. I rebelled against this a little. My writing style became simpler. I drifted towards less theoretical and grittier community research. I wanted to hear people’s stories, but I wanted others to hear them too.

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In those heady days of being an 'expert', I did various small bits on Sunday Sequence on Radio Ulster, BBC Northern Ireland etc. 

More recently, I’ve written some things for blogs, mostly Slugger O'Toole.

And I've been telling stories at Belfast's Tenx9. Here's a podcast of the latest one.

I’m a life-long radio, and more lately podcast, junkie. 90% of the media I input into my brain is audio. This is how I would like to tell stories in the future.

I’m working on some pieces, so watch this space.

Open to collaborations. Call me!*

*obviously don't call me, send me a message.